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When should a business apply for multiple GST registrations? Businesses that operate from two or more states can apply for different registrations for each state. Also, a business will multiple verticals in the same state can also do so. Understand the procedure for GST registration and GST returns here.

What is the purpose of registering your business under MSME? MSME means Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises. These are the backbone of economic growth. To promote and support MSMEs, Government of India are providing various schemes, subsidies and incentives through the MSMED Act. More on Income Tax Return Filing.

What means return of income? Income tax returns can be filed online by visiting the official site of the income tax department. However, download the appropriate forms and submit it along with your income and expenditure. Learn more about ISO Certification.

What is the ISO Certification? ISO standards remain in place to make sure consistency. There are separate criteria and standards for each certification and they are classified numerically. More info on NGO Registration in India.

What is NGO? An NGO is a short form for a Non-Governmental Organization which works for the benefit of the deprived in the society.

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